Hintergrund, preload



As every year, Carlos spends his summer with his family in Extremadura. This time he’ll stay longer, since there are no jobs to be had in Madrid. In addition, his father’s health is failing and he needs Carlos to help with the sheep. In this town, where the elders still celebrate the medieval rites of driving the evil forces out of the village, Carlos meets a young policeman named Juan and they fall in love with each other. A friendship ensues amidst the problems of rural exodus and unemployment among young people, amidst age-old rituals and a crisis of a nation, all this set against a spectacular backdrop which seems somehow not of this world.

SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS is the first full-length feature film by Stefan Butzmühlen and Cristina Diz and was shot with amateur actors from the virtually unknown area of Spain’s Extremadura region using a Spanish-German crew. The world premiere will take place during the 62nd Berlin Film Festival in the section „Forum“.


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